“Focused, sustained giving at the local level is very powerful. We are proud that our team has invested more than $2.2 million back into our vibrant communities through the VILLAGE Fund.”


At VILLAGE, we’re philanthropists, volunteering thousands of hours and investing millions of dollars back into our communities.
Village agents feel a strong responsibility to help our neighborhoods thrive, giving a percentage of each commission to the communities we serve,
through the Village Fund. Since its inception, the Village Fund has invested more than $2.2 million back into our communities.


At VILLAGE, we recognize the importance of a healthy, vibrant community. We feel that supporting the community in which we work and live is not just an idea, but our responsibility to help it thrive. Giving to causes which strengthen our neighborhoods, the land and the local economy elevates our great city. The greater our city can become, the more we will all benefit.

The Village Fund was born out of this passion. Village’s non-profit foundation is designed to benefit from our collective success and prosperity, giving to a wide array of local and national non-profits. Our greater Village family is instrumental in this endeavor of building a better Nashville. We count on the generosity and shared values of our agents, clients, business partners, vendors, staff, and friends.

These tax-deductible donations give life to organizations which enrich our neighborhoods and communities. The Village Fund focuses on four areas of giving: housing, community, environment & smart growth, and the arts.

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