Melissa Floyd
REALTOR®: holds a real estate license from the state and is a member of the ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS
About Me
Melissa Floyd is a born Tennessean down to her core. Her roots began in Memphis which explains her love of BBQ and Blues. She spent her formative years in Columbia where her paternal grandparents still reside and attended Franklin High School. She has a unique skillset from her education in Fashion Design, Journalism and English and professional background in customer care and mortgage. Like most Nashvillians, she met her husband Wess at The Basement playing a show with his band. There is just something about a musician!! After adopting a cat, a dog and giving birth to a beautiful son, Gus, Melissa realized how she could use all of her education, experience and talents in a way that could serve others and her family. “I decided to pursue a career in real estate because of my sincere interest in Nashville as a community. As a native Tennessean with a strong entrepreneurial drive, outgoing personality, and a strong desire to help others succeed, I knew this would be a natural choice for me. I love learning new aspects of this business, discovering emerging markets and working with new people. I chose to affiliate with Village after visiting six other firms, mainly because of the warm, welcoming people willing to help all attain their best! I love the fact that it’s a local company with a strong community vision and offers the best training anywhere. In my spare time I volunteer at the Nashville Adult Literacy Council, continue to write the great American novel(I have about 350 pages )paint, advocate for gender equality, practice Yoga and Pilates, sew Gus’ clothes, cook and bake for friends and family, enjoy music venues and host a lot of Auburn Football parties. As you can see I believe in developing Body, Mind and Spirit. My Passion for a balanced life drives me to help others achieve their goals and balance. Call me for a truly holistic real estate experience.”
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