Jessica Edwards
About Me
Jessica Edwards has lived in several countries and work with a variety of diverse stakeholders making her well at home serving everyone from high-profile corporate clients to individuals and families. Her strong analytical and data skills, coupled with her personable style and passion for helping people make her an amazing realtor. And whether you have lived in the area your entire life or are a recent transplant, Jessica will warmly help you in meeting your home needs. Jessica received bachelor’s degree from the College of Charleston and her master’s degree from Vanderbilt University. Speaking fluent Spanish and Portuguese, she has lived and worked in over five different countries, including the Dominican Republic where she served in the United States Peace Corps. Before returning to real estate, Jessica served as both Director of Institutional Research and Director of Community Engagement and Outreach at a highly diverse charter school network in Nashville where she was awarded Tennessee School Advocate of the Year in 2015, and Best in Service to Students and Families in 2017. It is no surprise that Jessica felt compelled to join VILLAGE; giving back to the community is in her genes, just as it is with this unique local company. Jessica went into business for herself in 2018 after realizing that she needed to go home- not just physically, but to herself. In her words: “I have spent the past few months reflecting on the meaning of home- as an origin, destination and a feeling. I am most at home with work that provides the opportunity to engage and serve others while building community – and provides the ability to prioritize my values and what is important to me. That’s it. This is me. This is Jessica, Down Home.” Jessica is an 8th generation middle Tennessean with roots in Williamson County. Whether she is visiting her family’s country store Fox Grocery outside of Leiper’s Fork, two-stepping in Santa Fe, winning watermelon eating contests in Wilson County, biking the country roads of Chapel Hill, dining on Ethiopian atakilk wat in Antioch, catching a show at the Basement East, or managing her Airbnb in Woodbine, she maintains strong ties to the community and her intimate knowledge of the region is extensive. Jessica also serves on the Board for the TN Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and actively volunteers and raises money with numerous organizations in the community, including the Sexual Assault Center and Partners for the Americas. At other times you can find her creating batches of Delta-style hot tamales or working on various DIY projects. We invite you to visit Jessica’s Instagram Jessica Down Home which features all things home: real estate, recipes, home projects, events in the community, and local families. Check out her Instagram page at Jessica Down Home! For any questions or to reach Jessica, please contact her: Office (615) 790-3400 Cell (615) 715-8173 Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
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