Daniel Banks
REALTOR®: holds a real estate license from the state and is a member of the ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS
About Me
Dan Banks grew up in Naples, FL.  Due to the climate, beauty and wealth of this city- Naples, FL became to real estate, what Country music is to Nashville, TN.  While some were growing up on a farm, Dan was growing up with a booming economy of real estate sales driving a thriving wealthy community. Naples was and is, an economy built on real estate.   From humble beginnings, he became a successful REALTOR in Southwest Florida, prior to moving to Nashville.  The market in Naples was booming when he started selling real estate, where he helped many buyers and sellers.  He also worked closely with home builders and developers obtain large tracts of land, and sell what was built on that land.   Dan steadily grew his business during the sub-prime mortgage crisis that hit our entire country. While many agents quit the business- he was able to help many Sellers who desperately needed to get out from under oppressive mortgages and sell their homes, in a plummeting market.  He did this by using professional sales strategies he learned while obtaining his business degree from the University of Florida, and finishing at Florida Gulf Coast University.  These skills were learned working in sales for the Hyatt corporation, operating his own music booking agency, and perfected by hiring the top real estate trainers in the country to hone his craft.  His pure grit, tenacity, and perseverance has served him well in his life, and has transcended into serving his clients at a very high level.   His passion for seeing solutions to problems and putting those solutions to work for his clients, fueled his success as a REALTOR, but he found that writing songs filled his heart.  So, he followed his heart and came to Nashville to chase a dream of writing songs for commercial country radio.  Dan applied his skills as a real estate agent in a booming city that has become the place to build wealth through investment in real estate.  In truth, the business end of professional songwriting is not far from that of a real estate agent- from the process of writing songs, to getting songs cut on albums, and eventually making it country radio.  Don’t be surprised to hear his songs being played on the radio by today’s country stars, as he’s helping you sell your home.  He has he’s built a large catalogue of songs after years of full-time writing prior to returning full-time to real estate, in Nashville.  To this day, they continue to be pitched to today’s biggest country stars.  The difference today, is one passion is fueling the other.   When asked how these two passions fit together in his life here in Music City, he shared, “It has been an honor and a privilege to learn the craft of country songwriting from some of the best, and most prestigious songwriters hit-songwriters in town. That creative process has helped me grow as a person and has increased my ability to work closely and collaboratively with others; very much like selling a home, it’s a very personal and intimate process that needs a lot of compassion and skill to create a positive outcome.”   “I am the proud daddy to the beautifully smart 3-year old, Olivia Banks. Needless, to say, Olivia is my joy and primary reason for creating a life through real-estate in Nashville!   My songwriting passion is still there, but my focus is back on real estate, and serving this community. Now, is the time to look carefully at the future in our city and how you can play a part in the growth and equity yet to happen.  I’m here to help you maximize your opportunities for years to come.  I look forward for the opportunity to earn and re-earn your business.”
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