Corey Caldwell
REALTOR®: holds a real estate license from the state and is a member of the ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS
About Me

Corey Caldwell believes that style and flair coupled with hard work and impeccable service are the components to a consumer-focused real estate business. Corey, a resident of Nashville for the past 17 years, has enjoyed an exciting theatrical career on stage, as well as doing commercial voice-overs and as an occasional jazz singer with the Nashville Jazz Workshop.  Working with Corey is truly an entertaining experience.

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a BS in journalism, Corey worked for several years in the diamond industry before making his stage debut in a local production of “Gypsy”.

When asked why he decided to become a REALTOR, Corey said, “stage acting is wonderful, but, with very few exceptions, those who engage in it are not exactly overpaid.  I am now married to Erica Lee Haines, a voice teacher and actress, and we welcomed our first baby this year. I still do some acting on occasion (I just did a show in May), but it's rare. My focus is now devoted to taking care of and supporting my growing family.”

“I chose Village as the company to affiliate with because it fulfilled everything that I believe is necessary in a real estate agency: it’s a local firm which is heavily invested in giving back to the community, and has been a key part of Nashville's tremendous and continuing growth. The training and continued support that Village offers is second to none, which is extremely important and valuable.”

You can reach Corey at the Village office, 2206 21st Ave South, 615 383-6964, or on his mobile at 615 337-7153.

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